How to runs GUI Application in Docker?

2 min readMay 29, 2021


Task :- Launch Firefox in Docker Container

👉 Step1: Configure Docker Yum Repository

baseurl =
gpgcheck = 0
name = docker repo

👉 Step2: Installing Docker

yum install docker-ce --nobest -y

👉 Step3: Verifying docker installation

docker info

👉 Step4: Start the docker services

systemctl start docker 

systemctl status docker

👉 Step5: Create a Docker file

vim Dockerfile
FROM centos
RUN yum install firefox -y
CMD ["/usr/bin/firefox"]

👉 Step6: Build the Docker Image

docker build -t <image name> .

Docker image created successfully, you can verify it by the below command.

docker images | grep skabhi003/firefox

👉 Step7: Launch GUI application On the Docker container

docker run -it --name=os1 --net=host --env="DISPLAY" skabhi003/firefox

--net = for using host’s network

--env = for using environmet varibale(DISPLAY)

👉 At Last , Firefox will launch Successfully.

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