Increase/Decrease the size of the Hadoop cluster on the fly using LVM

To increase or decrease the size of the Hadoop cluster on the fly it is required to understand the concept of logical volume management also known as LVM.

using LVM multiple logical volumes can be created combining all available harddisk so whenever it is required to increase the size of Hadoop using the lvm size of logical volume can be increased on the fly.

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Attach Hard Disk to Virtual Machine and To see run the following command

Step 2: Convert the hard disk to Physical Volume

pvcreate command initializes these disks so that they can be a part of forming volume groups.

Step 3: Create a volume group

Physical volumes are combined into volume groups (VGs). It creates a pool of disk space out of which logical volumes can be allocated.

Step4: Create Logical Volume

It takes the space from the volume group and creates a partition of the capacity mentioned in the command

lvcreate --size 10G --name mylv myvg

To display logical volume

Step 5: Format the logical Partition

Step 6: mount logical volume with datanode shared directory

Step 7: To see storage gain by Hadoop cluster

Step 8: Extend the logical volume

here the size of the partition is increased by 9G but the file system still is of older 10G. To resize the file system

Step 9: Resize the file system

Step 10: Hadoop cluster report

after resizing the lv partition we don’t have to do anything Hadoop automatically picks the updated size.

That’s all for this article. Thanks For Reading😊




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