Integration of All Concepts using Python

2 min readMar 31, 2021


We learn many technologies, one may remember the concepts greatly but it is not easy for many of us to remember all the commands of various tools we learn. To use them one always has to go to the documentation which is not so productive. And even if you do know the commands it becomes a repetitive task to manually type the commands again and again to accomplish a task. Hence to use the commands it is easier to use a menu program which can provide all the functionalities of commands. And it is also important for the menu to work at all scenarios so instead of creating a graphical menu, we will be creating a menu in Command Line Interface (CLI) for the menu. The main goal of this is project is to make these technologies easy to use.

Why python for automation?🤩

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that allows organizations to script custom automation and reap the time-savings.

As we all know python is a versatile, easy to use and fast to develop. We have so many libraries in python that make our task easy and fast.

Now a days, we all live in the age of Technology. There are various technologies that are repeatedly used by students and software engineers everyday.

Also, most of the technologies require special knowledge for their execution. But what if we can create a tool, where we can operate these technologies within a few clicks, without even having to know any of their operations!

In order to achieve this, our ARTH Team has created an automation tool in Python, wherein you can install, configure, execute and manage various technologies like Hadoop, Apache Web Server, Docker, AWS and Partition creation and management, that too without knowing or typing a single line of code!

Don’t wait, and jump right into the code at GitHub: